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My collection of offerings towards a journey of calm, wholeness

and togetherness include:

Reiki healing sessions and classes

End-of-Life Awareness

Reiki-infused Handmade products

Essential oils

Camino de Santiago, Spain 2018

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Teryl, (please call her T), worked there as an Esthetician and owned her own Esthetic Spa.  Moving to Toronto in 2002, Teryl established a career in the Film and Television Industry as a Makeup and Prosthetic Special Effects Artist.  After 15 years of working in makeup, she chose to change directions and became a Registered Practical Nurse. During this training Teryl sought out opportunities to work in End-of-Life (EOL) and Palliative Care. Concurrently, Teryl studied at the Institute for Traditional Medicine as a Thana Doula, (Death Doula).


While working in Hospice Care from 2017-2022, Teryl found great meaning in supporting all aspects of one’s life experience.  Teryl is now focusing on her Reiki practice, designing and making her collection of Reiki-infused handmade products and offering consultations to support individuals and their families with their EOL journeys. Integral to many of the products that Teryl makes is the use of Essential oils and the teachings of the plants.


Over the last 10 years as a Reiki Master Teacher, Teryl has witnessed such beautiful growth and expanded self-awareness of those who she has had the honour of supporting or teaching with Reiki and EOL Care.  With a passion for spiritual growth, Teryl also completed the seven rites of passage to become a Chacaruna, ‘a bridge between the worlds’. 


“Reiki is a significant practice and part of my day-to-day life.  I strive to create a safe, brave, inclusive space in which to gather, learn from each other and expand our understandings of our Souls while navigating this ‘human life’.”

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