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My collection of offerings towards a journey of calm, wholeness and togetherness include:

Reiki healing sessions and classes

End-of-Life Awareness

Reiki-infused Handmade products

Essential oils


Teryl’s Reiki Journey

After being a Usui Reiki Master for seven years, Teryl was drawn to explore teaching Reiki in 2018.  On her Reiki journey, Teryl has continued to learn by adding Holy Fire©, Karuna and Karuna/Holy Fire Reiki to her certifications.  Teryl is also an affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training.  (ICRT)


“Reiki is a significant practice and part of my day-to-day life.  I strive to create a safe, brave, inclusive space in which to gather, learn from each other and expand our understandings of our Souls while navigating this ‘human life’.”


What is Reiki

Connect with a community of liked minded individuals who are looking to live a life of expansion and choice.  Balance comes with grounding and being connected to where we come from.  Ceremony and Ritual practice is a way of strengthening how you show up in your life….


A simple explanation is that Reiki, (pronounced ray-key), is an ancient technique for reducing stress, promoting relaxation and encouraging the body into a balanced and healed state of Well-being.  It is a gentle, subtle, yet powerful energy healing art.  Reiki comes from two Japanese words, Rei - meaning higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness, (energy); Ki meaning life force or energy.  Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy or Universal life force energy. 


Holy Fire© Reiki guides one to their wholeness through purification and healing.  One’s awareness is heightened to access more healing energy.


Reiki works with and benefits the whole person; it helps heal the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  It taps into the person’s potential to heal themselves and helps bring this potential to fruition, for the greatest good. 


The benefits of a Reiki session

* Relaxation and stress relief

* Illness/surgery recovery

* Pain management

* Feeling centered and grounded

* Increasing energy

* Increasing creativity

* Clearing negativity

* A general sense of well-being

What is Reiki

What does Reiki feel like

Ways of perceiving energy differ from person to person and can be felt it in more than one way.  Some experience it as heat, vibration, tingles, see colors and so on.  A common occurrence in a Reiki session is an emotional or physical release such as laughter or crying.  A Reiki session creates an uplifting and safe environment to support each individual’s process. 


Sessions can be scheduled for 50 or 80 minutes.  All sessions are distance/virtual sessions.


50 minutes is offered for $111

80 minutes is offered for $144


*Sliding scale rates are available, please request when contacting Teryl to arrange your session.

Reiki Classes


Are you interested in being able to support yourself, to feel more aligned and reduce your stress or perhaps you would like to support others on their healing journeys?  Learning Reiki is an easy and beautiful gift to give yourself. 


Teryl teaches Usui, Usui/Holy Fire© and Karuna Reiki.  All classes are offered virtually over ZOOM to provide accessibility to everyone.  Afternoon, evening and weekend classes available.


Please contact Teryl to inquire about the next scheduled class.

Reiki Classes

End-of-Life Awareness


Are you or a loved one living with a life-limiting illness or navigating a recent diagnosis?  You are not alone and there is information available.  By understanding what is important to you, what care options are available and how to navigate the healthcare system you are able to make informed decisions.  Feeling empowered during a difficult, isolating time can make all the difference.


After years of working as a Registered Practical Nurse in Palliative Hospice Care, Teryl has had the privilege of supporting hundreds of families. Also through taking the Contemplative End-of-Life program at The Institute of Traditional Medicine, Teryl understands firsthand the challenges that can present at End-of-Life. Her hope is to support an End-of-Life journey that reflects the individual.


Teryl creates a safe brave space for the difficult but essential conversations that are so important at this time.  With Teryl’s support, these conversations can offer an outcome of ease, connection and a sense of togetherness.


Please reach out to Teryl for a complimentary 15 minute conversation.


Consultations rates are based on 1 hour calls.

Sliding scale rates available upon request.

End of Life Awareness

Essential Oils


Teryl’s journey with the essential oils (EO) began in 2019 and since then have become an invaluable source of guidance towards her healing journey. 


With a daily morning routine of connecting with Bergamot EO to support Self-Acceptance and Citrus Bloom EO for New Beginnings, essential oils are integrated into supporting Teryl’s daily practice.  Known for their pure and high quality, Teryl works with doTerra essential oils.  These essential oils have helped guide Teryl through many life challenges and events, offering layers of support, ease and gentle integration.  The plants have shown Teryl that the only way to show up for life is with gratitude and expansiveness.


The plants can guide you and open up your path to new possibilities!

Contact Teryl to schedule a complimentary 30 minute introduction to the doTerra essential oils.

Essential Oils


      When I first started on my journey, I was a volunteer at a hospice, which offered various wellness modalities.  I wanted to learn more and found that I really didn't know much about the aspects and levels of Reiki.  

      I was extremely fortunate to have had Teryl be my leader.   Everything happens for a reason and Teryl was brought into my life at the right time!  Teryl provides wonderful perspective and guidance.

      Her gentle and caring approach allowed me to learn and grow to the point that I completed the Usai master certification and am looking forward to the next milestone of Holy Fire and hopefully much more.

       Ellie B.


      I have had the pleasure of working with Teryl for the past 8 years. She has supported my healing journey with both in person and distance reiki. Teryl has a grounded presence, that provides a feeling of safety and neutrality that is essential in the field of energetic work. Our time together has had a profound impact on my living an authentic, happy and liberated life.

       As a cranial sacral therapist  I have witnessed and experienced the value of Teryl’s healing energetic work. I highly recommend working with Teryl to support and accompany any healing process. 

         Megan F.


      Teryl’s generosity of spirit and clear intuition are such a gift to receive. I feel safe, met, and re-assured every time I’m in her care and/or receiving her guidance. 

         Nina T.


     I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and the people we come across have a purpose in our lives. As a hospice volunteer, I was offered to take the Reiki Level I course with Teryl. I wasn’t even considering becoming a Reiki Practitioner at that time, although I was quite intrigued by it.

     As soon as I met Teryl in class, I knew I had made the right decision. Teryl's calm voice and warm personality helps provide a safe and welcoming environment. The lessons go beyond just Reiki and include other supportive modalities and tools such as crystals and chakras, with a lot of hands-on practice in addition to theoretical knowledge.

     The classes are well organized and structured while allowing sufficient room for practice, questions and sharing. I personally saw a huge shift in my energy level and experienced a spiritual awakening soon after Level I.

     I am honoured to have taken 3 levels of Reiki courses with Teryl, including the Reiki Master course. She has a beautiful gift that she generously shares through her teachings, and I highly recommend her as a Reiki Master Teacher.

        Tanzina A, Artist, Art Teacher, Healing Mentor and Reiki Practitioner


      I have been on my path to spiritual awakening for many years, and with Reiki I feel like a veil has been lifted and I can now see more clearly.

      Teryl’s energy immediately resonated with me when I joined her first class.  Her gentle nature, her openness about her own practice and acceptance to meet each of her students exactly where they were, took the fear of the unknown and gently blew that fear away.

      I’ve found that Reiki isn’t something you simply “do”, it’s a way of life. I have experienced notable shifts in my mood and my ability to show up in my daily life since beginning my Reiki studies. I feel physically lighter, I have more energy throughout the day, I’m sleeping better and I’m finding that I’m trading in the daily distractions I’d typically turned to such as social media, snacking and alcohol for quiet time, stillness and nature. I accredit this shift to the flow of Reiki energy; I just think about Reiki and I have a visceral knowing that it is there.  

      I am so grateful to Teryl for introducing me to Reiki and for her guidance as I welcome this practice into my life.

      Erin K.


       Navigating the journey with a loved one in their later stages of life, is an intricate and sacred experience.  Consulting with Teryl brought insights that have been core in the decisions we have made for my Dad, in his later stage of Alzheimer's. Her immense knowledge of care systems & philosophies combined with her capacity to listen - allowed my family to align in a way that represented him and his wishes.  

      Teryl is an invaluable resource, with an integrity that sees the whole picture. She offers a cohesiveness at a time that can feel overwhelming and sometimes a fragmented process.  

      I highly suggest enrolling her as part of the journey of life, and death.  
      Nevāh E

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