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Welcome to T's Shop

T’s shop offers a collection of Reiki-infused, handmade products. 


Each process begins with all materials first being smudged, made in ceremony and then charged with healing Reiki energy to enhance its vibration. 


Reiki supports the connection to finding and trusting your gifts and inner wisdom. 


If Reiki doesn’t resonate with you, then it may be comforting to know that each handmade product is made with mindfulness and through a ritualized process.

Teryl, whose name comes from her parents' names combined, (Terry and Carol),

has always been called ‘T’….hence: T’s shop!

Reiki-Infused Natural Beeswax ‘T’ light Candles

These handcrafted, non-toxic, natural beeswax tea lights, are dense and slow burning.  They support mindfulness and calmness with connection to whatever brings you comfort.


Each natural beeswax tea light has been made in ceremony after being smudged and then infused with healing Reiki energy.  The light from the candle’s flame reinforces this energy into the space.


Reiki is a healing practice that is connected to the Universal Energy or a Vital Life Force that supports awareness to the energy for the HIGHEST and BEST good. 


Box of 6 is $13

Box of 12 is $22

Contact Teryl to order your candles. Shipping charges apply.

Credit card, Paypal or e-transfer accepted.


Reiki-infused 108 bead Hand-Knotted Crystal Malas


Malas are traditionally used for spiritual practice, to offer prayers and mantras and in meditation.  Wearing a Mala is a continuous reminder of what brings you grounding and connection…or it is a pretty necklace!


For Teryl, connecting with the crystals and creating these beautiful Malas is a deeply intuitive and calming process.  The stones choose their combinations and come together to form a specific vibration.  Every stone is smudged and then charged with healing Reiki energy while being hand-knotted and then again when the Mala is completed.


Choose one of the designs that resonates for you or contact Teryl to have a custom design created.  Each Mala is finished with your choice of an ‘OM’ symbol, a feather or nothing hanging from the guru bead,


‘OM’- the oneness that we are and connects us to it.

Feather- offers protection and connection to one’s right path


A Guru bead hangs at the lowest part of the Mala and marks the beginning and end point for your mantras.  It also holds your intention for the practice or outlook on life.


Included with each Mala are the meanings of each stone used in the Mala design and how to cleanse and recharge your Mala.


To see a greater range of designs, please visit Teryl's Instagram page, @terylreiki.  Malas range in price from $111- to $155 depending on the crystals and design.


Contact Teryl to order your Malas. Shipping charges apply.

Credit card, Paypal or e-transfer accepted.


Organic, Handcrafted in small batches and in ceremony.

Rose oil facial cleanser

Neroli Rose Facial Mist

Rose and Elder Flower Face cream

Gommage Dry Exfoliant

Mint Lip Balm

Skin Salve

Vanilla Lavender Pillow Mist

Oral Rinse

Natural Bug Spray


Roots n Bean

Chakra Balancing Herbal Tea

vervain logo-1 jpg_edited.png

Contact Teryl to order your VERVAIN products.

Credit card, Paypal or e-transfer accepted.  Shipping charges apply.

Rose Oil Facial Cleanser

60ml / 2 fl oz. $40


An infusion of organic Rose buds, combined with Marula oil and refreshing essential oils. This cleanser detoxifies the skin while hydrating and nourishing. It can also play double duty as a makeup remover and to moisturize hair by applying it to dry ends.


Neroli Rose Facial Mist

60 ml / 2 fl oz. $20


A refreshing and hydrating facial toning mist.  Enjoy the soothing, yet subtle, combination of Neroli, Rose and essential oils.  Shake before each use, then spray two to three pumps over damp or dry skin on face and neck area with eyes closed.  Now your skin is prepared for the Vervain Rose and Elder Flower Cream.


Rose and Elder Flower Face Cream

60ml / 2 fl oz. $55

The infusion of organic Rose petals & Elder flowers combined with Rosehip seed and Sea Buckthorn oils give this cream a beautiful rich texture with a subtle scent of roses. Rose has been used therapeutically since the times of Cleopatra for its soothing, nourishing properties. Elder flower is cooling and can reduce inflammation. This cream works well on red inflamed skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea as well as normal to dry mature skin.


Gommage Dry Exfoliant

45g / 1.6 oz. $33


Refresh your glow and the smoothness of your skin!  A com-bination of calming Lavender, Rose, Orange peel, gluten-free Oats and Clays that will improve the texture of your skin while reducing any build up and dryness. 


Mint Lip Balm

4.4ml / 0.15 fl oz. $8

The hydrating qualities of Mango butter, Cocoa butter and Macadamia nut oil combined with the clean freshness of Peppermint in the luxurious balm to keep your lips feeling supple.


Skin Salve

25 ml / 0.85 fl oz. $30

An infusion of organic herbs, Plantain, Chickweed, Comfrey and Calendula create this multi-purpose salve that can relieve the itching of bug bites & rashes, reduce redness and inflammation, arrest bleeding and hydrate dry, cracked skin. No essential oils are added giving it a natural scent of beeswax and cocoa. A must for camping, traveling and everyday adventures.

Vanilla Lavender Pillow Mist

60ml / 2 fl oz. $20


Allow the soothing scents of Lavender and Vanilla to calm you. Shake well before each use. Spritz on your pillow just prior to retiring to promote a calm peaceful sleep.  Alternatively, spritz on your body after a shower, in a room or linens for a lovely scent. 

Oral Rinse

60ml / 2 fl oz. $7

480ml / 16 fl oz. $30


Refreshing antimicrobial rinse to naturally freshen the breath and cleanse the mouth. Naturally flavoured with pure Peppermint and Tangerine essential oils.

Natural bug spray

 60ml / 2 fl oz. $15


Deter undesired attention from insects with this layered combination of essential oils.  Shake well before each use.  Spritz around body and face (with eyes closed) before going outdoors.

Vanilla Lavender Mist_edited.jpg
oral rinse_edited.jpg

Roots n Bean

100g $20


This delicious blend of Chickory, Dandelion and Cacao delivers a tasty, rich alternative to regular coffee with less caffeine.  With Chickory supporting overall balance, Dandelion supporting digestion and Cacao for its rich taste that is full of anti-oxidants. 


Chakra Balancing Tea

50g $18

100g $30


A sacred blend of calming herbs offer a soothing and grounded tea. With a herb specially chosen to connect and support each of the 7 chakras.  This Chakra balancing experience is made with Dandelion root, Nettle, Calendula flowers, Orange Peel, Marshmallow root, Rose buds, Red Clover buds, Holy Basil, Peppermint, and Lavender buds.


doTerra Essential Oils


doTerra essential oils equal pure quality.


From the co-impact sourcing that changes the lives of the growers and the communities, to the tested and trusted results of the essential oils, doTerra is about healthy, empowered living.


Choose individual oils or customize the collection that resonates for you. Ask Teryl about how you can get 25% off of your order!


Contact Teryl to place your doTerra essential oil order.  Shipping charges apply.

Credit card, Paypal or e-transfer accepted.

Essential Oils
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