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The story behind VERVAIN


Carmen’s story


The seed for Vervain was planted when I created a few products for a dear friend of mine who was giving birth. Sharing the plant medicines in this way inspired me to continue. At the time, there weren’t any (truly) organic plant-based products on the market so I decided to make my own. As interest grew, I expanded the amount of products to offer.


As the winding path of life would have it, I became very ill. Upon seeking the help of many modalities and practitioners, it seemed there were no solutions. Until I engaged with the plants, and began working with the herb Vervain, which was instrumental in my body healing. This experience not only had me study herbal medicine and become a Clinical Herbalist, I also named my company Vervain, to show my gratitude for this precious plant that literally gave me my life back.


I feel incredibly blessed that working with the plants is my work. That through the plant wisdom and intuition I created the formulas for Rose & Elder flower cream, Rose Oil Cleanser, Roots & Bean, Chakra Balancing Tea, Gommage, and others. I recently gave Vervain a clean, fresh, modern look in the packaging to honour the sacredness of the work, which is bridging ancient plant wisdom with this ever-changing modern world.


Recently, I felt a pull to make a dramatic change in my life. I told Teryl I was uprooting my life in Canada and feeling the pull to blossom in the mountainous jungle of Costa Rica. Her curiosity and questioning how she would continue to have access to Vervain products sparked a heart-centred agreement. I couldn’t hand Vervain over to just anyone, but this felt natural as Teryl is a dear friend whom I trust will hold the formulas true and carry on the skincare line with respect for the plants. My gratitude continued when Teryl and I had a sacred exchange with Vervain, and I knew she felt and understood the energy that is Vervain.

Teryl’s story


After hearing and sharing in the excitement of Carmen’s life-changing news in February of 2022, my mind wandered onto – ‘how will I get my Vervain products?’  Like many of us, I have been a client and customer of Carmen’s for numerous years.  Carmen shared that she didn’t have a plan yet for that piece. 


With open hearts and trusting the process, Carmen and I both leaned into the possibility of Vervain moving on.  Over the next several weeks we planned the handover of Vervain.


I had just recently finished my role as an Admissions Coordinator and Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) at a Toronto hospice and I was looking to create space in my life for my next venture.   With my background in Esthetics and Makeup and now my work as an RPN and Reiki Master Teacher, Vervain was offering me a way to bring all of my worlds together.


With a heartfelt and aligned plan…here we are…with the next chapter of Vervain! 


I am so honored to be able to offer Carmen’s beautifully layered skincare and other natural products.  As I’ve begun to make the products, I have a whole new appreciation for how special they really are.  I’m excited to now be infusing Reiki energy into the process.


Please know that I will maintain the quality of the ingredients and with the integrity of the plants being at the forefront.  Each product continues to be made with the mindfulness and ceremony that Vervain deserves.


I’m excited to continue your journey with Vervain with you.


With gratitude


Teryl Crombie, RPN

Reiki Master Teacher


Teryl & Carmen

I will continue to teach, support clients in my practice, lead and share with essential oils, and formulate plant medicines. That will forever be my work on this beautiful Earth.


As for Vervain, I have stepped back now, but will continue to support Vervain in Teryl’s hands. The formulas, the raw organic ingredients, the time-honoured methods, with the purity of doTerra essentials oils remain the signature of the brand. It has created space for me to pour my creative energy into new projects. And sothe cycle goes…..


much love and gratitude


Carmen Lynde, CNP, CHT

Holistic Nutritionist, Clinical Herbalist

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